Change the admin user on an account

Just swap out the admin email, username, password, and photo. If you can no longer access the admin account, please contact our support team

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How to change the admin user

For various reasons, many customers find themselves facing the need to change their administrative user from time to time. This often occurs due to an employee leaving the company, the company changing hands, or simply realizing that the admin was someone different from whom they intended.

For security reasons, only the existing administrative user can switch out to another admin. 

To do so, the existing admin should simply:

If the existing admin will be transitioning to a staff account, they should create a staff account for themselves before making the changes to the admin account.

If you don't know the admin password for your account, please follow the standard procedure for resetting your password.

If you need to make a change but are unable to login to your admin account, please contact our support team.

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