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Create a Lead Generation Report Webinar
Create a Lead Generation Report Webinar

Here's how to customize our Lead Gen template to fit your needs, then send it to prospective clients to win new business for your agency.

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Lead-gen templates are a valuable tool in AgencyAnalytics to help you stand out from the competition and grow your clientele. Available in the Report Templates section, the Lead Gen Template is great for visualizing specific data for any clients you're interested in working with. Below you'll see how to quickly get started.

How to set up a lead generation report

The video below is from our Lead Generation webinar. The webinar outlines how to set up your own lead generation template (we provide a template to get you started), and how to send it to prospective clients to win new business. We've also included some additional tips and tricks from AgencyAnalytics Product Manager, Jordan Snider!

The article below summarizes a key part of the webinar: You'll learn the most effective way to customize the lead gen template for your agency's needs, then gather data on your prospective client and apply final client-specific information before sending it.

Customize the Lead Gen Template to fit your agency's needs

The most efficient way to run lead gen campaigns in AgencyAnalytics is to first customize our pre-made Lead Gen Template to suit your agency's needs. You'll save a new version of this template, and use that version when reaching out to prospective clients.

To customize and save your own version of our Lead Gen template, first create a new report template.

When selecting the source of your template, choose "Start from a template".

Be sure to choose the "Lead Gen Template" from the list (or search for it at the top), and hit "Continue".

Give a custom name to your lead gen template and select "Continue".

Next, it's time to apply some personal touches so your template fits your agency's needs.

You'll find various textbox widgets throughout the template, which can be edited by clicking on the ellipsis (...) in the upper right corner of the widget, and selecting Edit from the dropdown, or simply clicking on the widget itself.

As well as adding text, you can add images, embedded content (for example a video or slideshow on your agency), adjust the report's pages, move widgets, delete any irrelevant widgets, and more.

Once you've finished updating the template, make sure to hit in the upper right hand corner, then click the X to leave the report editor.

Now that you've saved your own customized template, it's ready to use for prospective clients. You can use it in any campaign, once you've gathered some data on a prospective client in that campaign.

Gather data on your prospective client

When you're ready to reach out to a prospective client, you'll first create a new campaign using their website, and you'll collect some data on them (using tools available in your AgencyAnalytics account).

This guide covers data collection on prospective clients. Generally, this means enabling and setting up our Rank Tracker or Majestic integrations (as well as any others that may be relevant).

Applying the Lead Gen template to a campaign

Once you've collected some data on the prospective client, the last step is to send them a report, using the custom lead gen report template you created previously.

To send your lead gen template, open the campaign you created for your prospective client, and create a report from a template.

When choosing the template to use, select the Lead Gen Template you previously created, and click "Continue".

Update the report name to match your client's details and select "Continue".

The report editor will open, where you can add details specific to this prospective client's report. Once you're ready, select Save in the upper right hand corner, then click the X to close the editor.

And that's it! You've just successfully created a Lead Gen report template and applied it directly to your campaign. The last step is to finally share the report with your prospective client.

In AgencyAnalytics, you have a few options when it comes to sharing reports. You can create a pre-scheduled report, create a shareable link, email it immediately to your prospective client, or download a report to share it manually yourself.

Note: This report template is designed for agencies contacting new potential clients. At this point in the client-agency relationship, the marketer may only have access to organic data to include in this report (such as keyword rankings and backlinks data). If you have additional data and want to include it in your lead gen report, refer to this article with details on how to add sections to your reports.

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