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Click create campaign on the Home page then step through the wizard

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In AgencyAnalytics, one Campaign refers to one website or URL for which you're tracking metrics. Within a campaign you then create custom dashboards and reports for your client, filled with widgets from the integrations you connect.

How to create a campaign

From the Home page click Create Campaign in the upper right hand corner.

On the next page, first name the campaign and add the website address the campaign is for. Additionally, create up to 5 campaigns at once by clicking Add Campaign then filling in the additional fields.

Once this info is entered you can simply click Create in the bottom left to create the campaign, or click and expand Advanced Settings to make additional changes to the campaign(s).

  • Report Delivery Timezone is the timezone of the campaign, this will affect the time your reports are sent

  • Campaign Template applies a previously created campaign template, including dashboards and reports, to the new ones you're creating

  • Group allows you to organize campaigns into new or existing groups

Changes made to Advanced Settings will apply to all campaigns you are currently creating.

Once this information has been entered click Create in the bottom left.

After a few moments you will be redirected to the new campaign's integration page, or the Home page if you've created multiple campaigns at once. Next you'll want to add integrations to your campaigns. Find all of our connection articles here!

Create Multiple Campaigns via CSV

To create campaigns via CSV, we first need to populate the CSV with campaigns and campaign data in the appropriate format.

Campaign Name*,Campaign URL*,Timezone,Folder Name
Example,,America/New York,My Folder

Each new campaign should have it's own line, and must be separated by commas without spaces. Campaign name, campaign URL, and timezone are mandatory for campaign creation, and case sensitive. Optionally, you can sort the campaign into existing folders/groups as well.
The example shown below would create three new campaigns within our account.

After we've formatted and saved our .csv file, head to the AgencyAnalytics home page then click Create Campaign in the upper right.

Up to 100 campaigns can be created at a time via CSV. Before uploading, check your available campaign usage shown at the top of the creation wizard. If there are more campaigns in the CSV than available in your account, you will be charged for any campaigns over your limit.

In the campaign creation wizard, click Upload File in the bottom left to open the CSV upload page.

Next either drag and drop the CSV from your file explorer to the gray space, or click Choose File then select the file from explorer.

Once the CSV is added the preview will update to a check mark and the file name will be visible. Click Continue in the bottom left to upload the CSV.

If there are any errors in the file the campaigns won't be created, instead the creation wizard will highlight the errors in your CSV. In our example "Vancouver" is not a valid time zone, so we were unable to upload and successfully create these campaigns.

We can fix this by simply editing the CSV, updating the incorrect time zone, then uploading the file again.

With the error resolved the campaign creation wizard was able to recognize all three campaigns in this file. Click Continue in the bottom left to confirm the campaign data is accurate.

Lastly you'll receive confirmation that the campaigns were successfully uploaded. Click Finalize to complete the process and create the campaigns.

After a brief loading period you'll find all the campaigns in the CSV successfully created within your AgencyAnalytics account, ready for customization.

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