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Facebook Access Settings & Permissions (New Pages Experience)
Facebook Access Settings & Permissions (New Pages Experience)

How to find your Facebook Permissions settings in your Facebook Social Account

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In order to integrate with AgencyAnalytics, the user connecting Facebook Social must have full Page Access.

To find your Permissions & Page Access settings in the new Facebook Pages Experience:

Step 1: From within Facebook, in the top right corner of your Facebook Account, click the round Profile icon, then select see all profiles:

Then select the Business Profile you'd like to integrate from the drop down menu:

Note: This area may differ in appearance depending on how many accounts you Manage, but just be sure to select the Business Profile you would like to connect in AgencyAnalytics from the drop down menu, to move forward.

Step 2: Once in the Business Account you manage, select the Business Profile you'd like to integrate from the left menu panel:

Step 3: The panel to the left will update with new options, from here click Professional Dashboard:

Step 4: Scroll down on the left-hand side menu and select Page Access:

Step 5: You have arrived at the Page Access area:

From here, you will be able to determine what Permissions are applied to your account, and if you have the Permissions required. You may adjust Permissions from this screen, or reach out to your client to request full Page Access Permissions here as needed.

The user connecting the Facebook or Facebook Ads page must have the following in order to integrate with AgencyAnalytics:

  • Permissions

  • Page deletion

  • Content

  • Messages

  • Community Activity

  • Ads

  • Insights

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