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Show data for multiple linked Facebook stores in AgencyAnalytics
Show data for multiple linked Facebook stores in AgencyAnalytics

Once you've linked the stores in Facebook Business Manager, your Facebook (social) integration will automatically show these stores.

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Facebook (social) supports linking multiple store locations to a main Facebook Page. This allows AgencyAnalytics users to see aggregated data for all locations, or filter to see data on a specific location.

Users must link their stores via Facebook Business Manager. Once you've done so, your AgencyAnalytics dashboards and reports will automatically show your store locations. You can then choose to view combined data, or data for a specific store.

Linking multiple store locations via Facebook Business Manager

Stores must be linked using Facebook Business Manager.

First, ensure you've correctly added stores to your Pages structure on Facebook. To do so, Facebook requires you to:

  • Be the admin or editor of the main Page

  • Have a Page structure set up with a main Page

Next, add your stores to the Page structure via the "Store Locations" area of Facebook Business Manager.

If you're stuck with anything above, see Facebook's full guide here.

Accessing multiple store locations in AgencyAnalytics

Once you've set up all of the above, simply integrate the main Facebook Page to AgencyAnalytics. Your campaign will automatically show your store locations.

Specifying a location in AgencyAnalytics

By default, you'll see aggregated data for all store locations. However, you can easily use your dashboard or widget settings to specify a single location at any time.

To specify a location on your Social > Facebook dashboards, simply click the settings button at the top right, then choose the exact store you'd like to view data for.

To specify a location in your report or custom dashboard widgets, open the widget settings to find the "Location" option, where you can choose the exact location to show data on.

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