Facebook connection errors

Check permissions, reconnected, and if needed reauthorize AgencyAnalytics to access Facebook.

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Why are some of my Facebook pages giving errors or not showing up in the connection list?

This typically occurs when the user connecting a Facebook page does not have full permissions enabled. Please follow the steps below to ensure correct permissions and page authorization are in place.

Step 1) Check user permissions access

If you access the Facebook page from business.facebook.com, you likely have Business access. If you're accessing the page in question from facebook.com, you likely have been invited directly.

For users invited directly to Page Access

In order to connect to Facebook, the user connecting the integration must have Page Access, with full permissions.

To check what access you have:

  1. Head to the New Pages Experience from your Facebook Settings

  2. Then navigate to the Page Access tab, and look for the People with Facebook Access section, under Manage and view access.

  3. Locate the user who will be connecting the integration to confirm they have access to this page.

If you're having trouble finding the Page Access screen within Facebook, follow full steps in this article: Facebook Access Settings & Permissions (New Pages Experience)

For users invited via Facebook Business

If you have page access via Facebook Business, you can use the screenshots and steps below to review your permissions:

  1. Head to Business Assets, and then select the page you'd like to connect

  2. Then change to the Page Access tab, and find the user who will be authorizing the connection

  3. Click the button Manage next to the user's name

After clicking on Manage, it will show your access for the specific page. All permissions must be toggled on:

Step 2) Enter your credentials

Click one of the options below to expand the appropriate connection steps.

Connecting for the first time

You will see the Connect New Account button, click there:

Then in the list of available accounts, locate the account you wish to connect:

Choose the specific account Page you wish to connect:

Once you've selected the correct account, click the Connect button, and move on to Step 3.

If you have connected Facebook integration before

Click "Switch Account" to connect a new account and re-enter your credentials.

Select the grey "Connect New Account" button at the bottom of the connector, rather than an existing account in the list.

Step 3) Edit Settings

A popup will appear, and you'll be prompted to log into your Facebook account.

After entering your password, choose "Edit previous settings" on the next screen in the popup. If Edit Previous Settings is not an option, please skip to Step 4.

Next, you have two options, you can select either one of them depending on your Agency needs:

  1. Opt in to all current and future Pages

  2. Opt in to current pages only.

This is what you'll see if you choose to opt into current pages only:

Then click Save to confirm the permissions:

Now select the exact account you'd like to integrate to AgencyAnalytics, then hit "Connect".

Step 4) Edit App Access (if Edit previous settings is not an option)

If you didn't have the option to edit the previous settings, please click here to be redirected to business tools.

Log in to Facebook using the account you're trying to integrate with. Ensure you have your profile selected before going to business integrations.

Navigate to the Business Integrations, and then click the option to View and edit the Agency Analytics integration:

Next, ensure the following permissions are toggled on. From the GIF below, the permissions are as follows for Facebook:

  • Access your Page and App insights

  • Read content posted on the Page

  • Read user content on your Page

  • Show a list of the Pages you manage

Then, navigate back to AgencyAnalytics to perform a reauthorization of the connection.

Go to the Integrations page within the campaign, then click on Facebook and choose the option to switch account. Next, click the "Connect New Account" button at the bottom to launch the reauthorization window.

Your Facebook account should now be connected to AgencyAnalytics. If you still need help, be sure to reach out to our support team for assistance!

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