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Why does my dashboard show a different currency than my native account?If you've recently changed the currency in your native account, you will need to reconnect your integration for the changes to take effect.
Google Business Profile Transition to Performance MetricsGoogle has made some changes to the Google Business Profile API, which may affect your reports and dashboards.
Facebook Access Settings & Permissions (New Pages Experience)How to find your Facebook Permissions settings in your Facebook Social Account
BrightLocal integration shows no dataThis happens when you don't have any report in your BrightLocal account for the location you've connected.
TikTok Ads errors or connection issuesFollow the steps in this article to verify your TikTok Ads connection, and resolve potential errors.
The data in AgencyAnalytics doesn't match what I'm seeing elsewhereHow to troubleshoot when the data in your account appears to be incorrect
Instagram connection errorsCheck permissions, re-enter credentials, and if needed, reconnect the "Agency Analytics" app
Facebook Ads metrics seem incorrect or are missingAgencyAnalytics data should 100% match what you see within Facebook Business Manager. Use our attribution filters to overcome any problems.
Facebook connection errorsCheck permissions, reconnected, and if needed reauthorize AgencyAnalytics to access Facebook.
Facebook Ads Conversions dashboard errorGain access to your Facebook Ads custom conversions data by reconnecting your Facebook Ads integration.
What does "Not Provided" mean in the Google Analytics integration?"Not Provided" means that Google is choosing not to show you what the keywords were.
Why does my Google Analytics data only go back 2 years?Google implemented a strict data retention policy to comply with GDPR. This is not a setting on AgencyAnalytics' end.
Google Analytics accounts not showing in the connection listHere are some steps to take if you're unable to see your Google Analytics account in the connection list.
Why are certain metrics displayed differently in the chart at the top of the Google Analytics interface versus the box down below?This is normal functionality, and is due to a difference in the way that those numbers are being calculated
Google Analytics Paid Search channel contains no dataWhen the paid traffic channel doesn't contain data, that typically means that the customer hasn't connected Google Ads and Google Analytics
Google Analytics says "An Error Occurred"This is typically an issue with a browser based ad blocker
Why does the Google Analytics dashboard show different numbers than my native GA account?Google sometimes calculates metrics differently in their API, versus what they show within their own Google Analytics interface.
Pinterest and Pinterest Ads API ChangesPinterest has recently made updates to their API which may affect your Pinterest and Pinterest Ads reports or dashboards.