Instagram connection errors

Check permissions, re-enter credentials, and if needed, reconnect the "Agency Analytics" app

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If the Instagram account you're trying to connect isn't showing in the connection list, or you're getting errors from the Instagram integration, complete the following steps to resolve these issues.

Step 1) Make sure the Instagram page is a professional account, and is connected to a Facebook page

  • The Instagram account must be set up as a professional account. A professional account can either be a Creator or Business account. This can be done by following these instructions.

  • The Instagram account must be linked to a Facebook page. This can be done by following these instructions.

Step 2) Check permission level of the linked Facebook Page

In order to connect an Instagram integration, the user connecting the integration must have corresponding Facebook Page Access, with full permissions. The user should show up under "People with Facebook Access", where you can check their permissions.

To do ensure all permissions are selected, click the ... to the right of the connecting user, and ensure everything is turned on.

Having trouble finding your Page Access screen in the New Pages Experience in your Facebook Account? Click here for detailed instructions.

Step 3) Within Facebook, check the Linked Accounts section to ensure the Facebook account has access to manage the Instagram account you are wanting to integrate.

You can find the Linked Accounts section within Facebook, by first selecting the Facebook Business page that manages this Instagram account:

Then selecting Professional Dashboard:

Then finally, selecting Linked Accounts:

Within the Linked Accounts section, you should see the notice that the Facebook Account has access to manage the Instagram Account you are wanting to integrate.

This is what you want to see:

This information is available only within the Facebook app itself, not within the Meta app.

Step 4) Re-enter credentials

Now that you've confirmed that the Facebook Page linked to this Instagram page has Page Access permissions, and is also set to manage this Instagram account, re-enter the Instagram credentials in the Integration Connection area to connect the integration.

From inside the Instagram Dashboard, click the "Settings slider" in the top right hand side of the screen, and then click the pencil "edit" button.

If you have never connected the Instagram integration into this campaign before, click the Connect New Account button:

If you have connected the Instagram integration before, click "Switch Account", and re-enter your credentials by clicking Connect New Account at the bottom of the window.

A popup will appear, and you'll be prompted to log into your Facebook account. After entering your password, choose "Edit settings" on the next screen in the popup.

Next, ensure all pages that you'd like to use within AgencyAnalytics are checked.

Then ensure all permissions are enabled. If any of permissions are disabled, Facebook may not give you access to your data. Click "Done" once all permissions are turned on, then click "OK" on the next screen.

From there, you can choose the exact account you'd like to integrate to AgencyAnalytics, then hit "Save".

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