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The data in AgencyAnalytics doesn't match what I'm seeing elsewhere
The data in AgencyAnalytics doesn't match what I'm seeing elsewhere

How to troubleshoot when the data in your account appears to be incorrect

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What if the data in my AgencyAnalytics account is wrong?

Several common scenarios can result in customers perceiving a difference between the data that we display, and the data showing on their end. This article will walk you through the process of troubleshooting this situation.

Have you properly verified the data on your end?

AgencyAnalytics can only report the data that we receive from 3rd party tools via the API. When data appears to be incorrect within your AgencyAnalytics account, the first troubleshooting step is to check the native 3rd party integration. 

For example, if your Google Ads data doesn't look right, you would start by logging into your actual Ads account at to compare the data.

If the data in the native 3rd party platform matches the data that AgencyAnalytics is reporting, then there's no further troubleshooting that can be done on AgencyAnalytics' end. For any further questions in these cases, you should contact the native integration's support team or post in their support forums. 

If the data in the 3rd party does not match what you're seeing in your AgencyAnalytics account, please continue reading for additional troubleshooting steps.

Are you comparing the exact same metrics?

Many metrics can have similar names, but be calculated differently. For example, in your native Facebook Ads business manager account, you'll find metrics named "Clicks", "Link Clicks", "Website Clicks", and "Total Clicks", each of which are measure differently and describe a different data point.

If you're looking at "Clicks" in the AgencyAnalytics Facebook Ads integration, but comparing it to the "Link Clicks" metric in your native Facebook Ads account, the data won't match, since our "Clicks" metric actually pulls from the "Total Clicks" metric in Facebook Ads.

Any time the data doesn't seem to match, please ensure that you're comparing "apples to apples" and looking at the exact same metric on both ends.

Are one of the following specific scenarios at play?

If you've followed the above troubleshooting steps and you still believe that there's an issue with the data that AgencyAnalytics is displaying, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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