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TikTok Ads errors or connection issues
TikTok Ads errors or connection issues

Follow the steps in this article to verify your TikTok Ads connection, and resolve potential errors.

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This article shares important tips to apply when connecting TikTok Ads that will help you resolve connection issues or errors.

Reauthorizing TikTok Ads

TikTok Ads has a multistep authorization process. All four steps must be completed, and the appropriate permissions authorized, in order for data to pull in. If no data is flowing into AgencyAnalytics, or you're seeing errors on widgets, reauthorization should resolve this.

To do so, follow all of the steps listed in this article exactly, taking special care to review the potential issues below.

Click Connect New Account at the bottom of the connection page

Avoid selecting an existing account from the connection list, instead make sure to click Connect New Account at the bottom. This ensures the integration is completely reauthorized.

Ensure the correct account is selected

In the top part of the permissions window you'll find the account name and authorizing email address. Ensure the correct account name is listed here. If not, click Switch Account to flip to the correct one.

Ensure all permissions are selected

In the same permissions window referenced above, ensure all four permissions are selected under Access Your Ad Account For before confirming. If one of these is missed, we won't have full access to the TikTok Ads API that allows us to pull data.

If you've followed the steps in this article exactly, carefully considering the above mentions and are still having issues, please reach out to our Support team for assistance. When you do, include a screenshot of the AgencyAnalytics section of the authorizations page in TikTok Ads.

Match the screenshot to the one above to ensure all the connection information and scope of permissions is visible to us in Support.

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