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How to connect your TikTok Ads account to your AgencyAnalytics dashboard.

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The integration requires these permissions to be enabled:

  • Ad Account Management

  • Ads Management

  • Reporting

  • Audience Management

Please review our troubleshooting guide for additional information.

First, navigate to the campaign where you'd like to connect the TikTok Ads integration. Then click the plug icon on the left side of the screen, or hover the menu then click Integrations.

Next, either search TikTok Ads in the upper right search box, or click the Paid Ads category, then click TikTok Ads.

Then click "Connect New Account".

On the next page, click Connect New Account at the bottom.

This will launch a popup window where you will need to follow TikTok Ads authorization steps.

First, ensure this is the correct TikTok Ads account and profile. If it's not, use the Switch Account button to flip to the correct one.

Under Access, all four options need to be checked off in order for the integration to connect properly. Verify they are, then click Confirm in the bottom right to move to the next step.

Next, TikTok Ads will show a popover asking you to verify your email address. Here, click Send Code to launch another verification window (this one confirms you are human).

Solve the object puzzle, then click confirm. This will send you an email containing an authorization code, and will start a 60 second timer for the use of this code.

Retrieve the code from your inbox, enter it, then click verify once more to complete the verification and authentication of TikTok Ads.

With your TikTok Ads account now fully authenticated and verified, the account will show in the list of available accounts. Click the circle to the left of the account name, then Connect in the bottom left of the window.

This will finalize your connection to TikTok Ads, and you can now get started adding widgets to your dashboards and reports!

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