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Google Business Profile Transition to Performance Metrics
Google Business Profile Transition to Performance Metrics

Google has made some changes to the Google Business Profile API, which may affect your reports and dashboards.

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Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) officially sunset the Insights section of their platform on February 20th, 2023, as they transitioned to their new Performance metrics. GBP Insights are no longer available from Google, and as such were removed from AgencyAnalytics as well.

What this means for you

When the transition happens, widgets on your reports, templates, and custom dashboards that were using the Insights API to pull data will be unable to pull data, and will be blank or throw an error. To prevent this, you'll need to remove the old widgets, and replace them with the closest new one available.

As Google has changed the data points in Performance metrics, there isn't a way for us to simply replace the old widget with one pulling from the new section. While the new metrics are similar, they are not a direct 1 to 1.

Replacing Insight widgets with Performance widgets

As a note, the Insights tab of the Google Business Profile integration page, as seen below, will also be removed from AgencyAnalytics after February 20th. As this is a premade integration dashboard, there are no changes that you will need to make on this page.

To prevent widgets breaking on your custom dashboards or reports, you will need to delete any existing Google Business Profile Insight widgets from custom dashboards, reports, and templates, then add a new widget that pulls from Performance, instead.

In the table below, the depreciated Insight is on the left, and the new Performance metric that most closely corresponds is on the right.




Call Clicks

Call by hour

No replacement


Website Clicks


Direction Clicks


Different categories under Impressions

Views by View Type

No replacement


Different categories under Impressions

Searches by Search Type

No replacement

Photo Views

No replacement

For a full list of which metrics are offered for Google Business Profile, check out our GBP Integration page.

Knowing which widgets to update

If you haven't altered the title of the widget, you can simply compare the deprecated metric names to the widget title, and remove them. To determine what widgets require replacement with custom names, first go into edit mode for the custom dashboard or report.

Then, click on the widget you're unsure of, delete the Title or Tooltip, and check the Title and Tooltip fields.

Insight widgets will have a tooltip that starts with "Please use the.." followed by the name of the metric replacing this one.

When adding new widgets to a dashboard or report, the Insight widget descriptions will begin with "Please use the.." then, when you hover the metric the full description will expand and again share the replacement metric. Performance metrics and metrics unaffected by the GBP API update will have a regular metric description.

While these changes will need to be made manually, there are a few things to try, that may speed up the process for you and your team:

As always, if you have any questions or need any further assistance please reach out to our friendly Customer Support team.

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