How To Create a Dashboard Template

Navigate to the "Template" section, using the left side menu on your root control panel.

Once there, click on the "Dashboards" tab.

Once there, click "Create Template" at the top right.

Next, select the source that your template will start from. You can choose to start from a blank dashboard, clone an existing dashboard template, or clone a dashboard from one of your campaigns.

If you choose "Start from a template" or "Clone an existing dashboard", you'll be prompted to select the exact dashboard to use. Once you've made a selection, click "Continue".

Next, give your new dashboard template a name and click "Continue".

Use the "Add Widgets" screen on the right to start creating and configuring the dashboard template in the same way that you would add/remove or customize widgets in a standalone dashboard.

Widgets will be populated with sample data in the dashboard template editor. Changes are saved automatically.

Mobile dashboard templates

To configure a mobile-friendly version of your dashboard template, select "Mobile" from the drop-down menu at the top right.

Then, configure and save your changes as you would for a stand-alone mobile dashboard.

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