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What is Google Local in the Rank Tracker?
What is Google Local in the Rank Tracker?

The "Google Local" data in our Rank Tracker shows how your Google Business Profile is ranking on Google Maps

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Our Rank Tracker can provide detailed information on how Google Business Profiles are ranking on Google Maps. We collect daily rankings on the first 20 results shown in the left side panel of Google Maps (excluding ads).

This data is found in the "Google Local" sections of our Rank Tracker dashboard, and in "Google Local" widgets in reports and custom dashboards.

Telling our Rank Tracker which Google Business Profiles to track

In order for us to provide accurate Google Local rankings, it is crucial that you connect a Google Business Profile to our Rank Tracker. This tells our Rank Tracker exactly which Google Business Profile(s) you want it to scan for. You can add these Google Business Profiles to our Rank Tracker by following the instructions here.

Toggling Google Local rankings

To enable Google Local rankings, open the settings slider on your Rank Tracker dashboard. Next, tick the box for "Google Local Rankings" to begin tracking rankings for the Google Business Profile(s) you've connected.

You can also toggle "Google Local Change" to monitor the changes in your rankings across time. The change scores are calculated by comparing the rankings on the first day of your date range against rankings on the final day of your date range.

Confirming the Google Local rankings we show

We capture a full snapshot of the exact SERPs Google delivers when we check your rankings. This allows agencies and their clients to check why we're reporting your rankings a certain way, and to see competitors and other SERP information.

To view this SERP snapshot, go to the Rank Tracker dashboard and hover over either the numerical ranking or "not found" for the keyword that you'd like to check.

A small popup will appear, showing the time of the last rank check and a SERP verification link.

This SERP verification link will provide an interactive screenshot of the SERP as it appeared when the most recent rankings check was completed for the keyword in question. Note that the SERP verification link only shows when you include today in your date range (since we keep only the latest snapshot). You can read more about manually verifying SERPs here.

What our Google Local data does not cover

Our "Google Local" widgets and table columns only relate to searches on Google Maps. If you're in the USA, this would be a search on

The "Google Local" data does not cover the 3-pack (or "maps pack") you sometimes see on the regular Google SERP (the SERP you'd see by running a search on

Instead, these 3-pack results are covered in our regular "Google" rankings if the Google 3-pack setting is enabled, since the results appear on the regular Google SERP.

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