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Advanced keyword ranking settings
Advanced keyword ranking settings

Tell our Rank Tracker which Google Business Profiles to track, and choose whether your Google rankings include or ignore the Google 3-pack.

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You can configure each campaign's keyword Rank Tracker to:

  • Count the Google Local 3-pack (aka the "maps pack") for Google rankings

  • Track specific Google Business Profiles for Google Local rankings

How to access advanced keyword ranking settings

Choose "Settings" from your campaign's left side menu, then Rank Tracker. From here you can change your advanced Rank Tracker settings.

Advanced Keyword Ranking Options

Google Local 3-Pack

Enable this setting to count the Google 3-pack (aka "maps pack") when calculating your Google SERP rankings. With this setting disabled, our Rank Tracker will completely ignore any 3-packs when reporting each keyword's rank on Google SERPs.

The 3-pack sometimes appears on the Google SERP, usually near the top of search results.

Note: The Google Local 3-Pack setting relates to your Google rankings, not your Google Local rankings. More information is found here.

Google Business Profiles

Use this setting to specify the exact Google Business Profiles our Rank Tracker should search for when checking your Google Local rankings. You can add as many Google Business Profiles as you like. More information is found here.

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