How to track rankings for a Google My Business Page

With Google's increasing move toward all things local for search, it's critical to track where your clients' Google My Business pages are ranking in Google Local (Google Maps). 

Each AgencyAnalytics campaign dashboard offers the ability to track SERPs for an unlimited number of Google My Business pages.

If you don't yet have a Google My Business profile setup, you can create one here.

In order for us to provide accurate Google Local rankings, it is crucial that you connect a Google My Business page to our Rank Tracker. The instructions below will show you how to do this.

How to connect Google My Business pages for Google Local rank tracking

From within a campaign, click on "Settings" at the left side menu and go the "Advanced" tab

On the next screen you'll see the "Rank Tracker" section. From here, click "Add" to integrate your GMB Pages. 

A flyout window will appear. 

Start typing the name of the business in the "Enter Your Business Name" field. If your desired GMB comes up in the list, click to highlight it, then click "Done".

If you do not see the desired GMB in the list, you'll need to enter the CID for your GBP manually in that second field labeled "Enter your business's Google CID." Click "Done" when finished. 

You'll find instructions for locating the CID in this article.

Click the "Add" button again to add additional GMB pages.

Don't forget to click "Done"!

Activate Google Local Rankings

Open the settings slider on your Rank Tracker dashboard and tick the box for "Google Local Rankings" to begin tracking rankings for the GMB page(s) you've connected.

GMB rankings will then be displayed under the Google Local heading in the rankings table.

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