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Advanced keyword ranking settingsTell our Rank Tracker which Google Business Profiles to track, and choose whether your Google rankings include or ignore the Google 3-pack.
What is Google Mobile in the Rank Tracker?The "Google Mobile" data shows how your site is ranking on Google search results from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.
What is Google Local in the Rank Tracker?The "Google Local" data in our Rank Tracker shows how your Google Business Profile is ranking on Google Maps
What top level domains (TLDs) do we support for rank tracking?This is a list of top level domains we fetch keyword rankings for.
How are results emulated for state/province/national ranking locations?We fetch these results using the UULE parameter; only Google's search team knows exactly how those results are calculated
Are search volumes global or local?Search volumes are reported at the national level for the location configured for each keyword
Are the search volumes displayed broad match or exact match?All search volumes reported in our rankings integration are "exact match"
How many positions does AgencyAnalytics monitor for each search engine?Google: 100, Local: 20, Bing: 50, Mobile: 100
How do multi-location SERPs relate to the Google Business Profile?In order to fetch accurate multi-location Google Local SERPs, it's crucial to connect each GBP page that the client maintains
How are keyword/location pairs counted toward my account's keyword limit?Each keyword/location pairing counts toward your limit as a separate keyword
Can I export ranking data?Yes, just use our standard "Export" functionality
Can I import historical keyword tracking data?Yes, just use our import function within your company's administrator account
How often are rankings updated?In order to obtain consistent metrics, rankings are updated once every 24 hours
How do I edit the location for an existing keyword?Keyword/location pairings cannot be modified. Instead, add an additional location, and optionally delete the existing location
How do the different URL scopes work?Determine which pages on a site will be pulled in for rankings using our 3 URL scope options.
How does AgencyAnalytics fetch rankings?SEO rankings can vary dramatically based on a variety of factors.
Can I allow clients to add their own keywords?With the proper permissions enabled, clients can add their own keywords
Can I set a quota on how many keywords each client can add?This is not possible at this time.
Can I upload keywords using a .csv file?CSV files are not currently supported for adding keywords
What does it mean when a keyword is "not found"?Simply put, rankings labeled as "not found" mean your URL was not found in the top 100 SERP results.