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Pinterest and Pinterest Ads API Changes
Pinterest and Pinterest Ads API Changes

Pinterest has recently made updates to their API which may affect your Pinterest and Pinterest Ads reports or dashboards.

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Pinterest has recently announced that both Pinterest and Pinterest Ads will be switching to a new version of their API as of June 30th, 2023. When the older API is sunset, some metrics will no longer be supported, and will removed from AgencyAnalytics as well.

On June 26th, 2023, ahead of the sunset, our team at AgencyAnalytics will flip the switch, moving us from the old Pinterest and Pinterest Ads API, to their new one. We're making the change early to allow time for teams that rely on monthly reporting, to make any necessary edits prior to their reporting date.

What this means for you

Once we switch support to the new API, all connected Pinterest or Pinterest Ad accounts will need to be reauthenticated. A prompt will appear in-app when you view a Pinterest or Pinterest Ads integration dashboard, requesting you reauthorize the account. This article outlines how to reauthenticate an integration connection.

After the switch to the new API, any widgets on templates, dashboards or reports displaying metrics that are no longer supported will be blank or will show an error.

Which metrics will be removed from Pinterest?

Pinterest has deprecated pin comments. On our platform this was historically available in a few places.

Via the Pinterest integration dashboard on the Feed tab, Comments were a metric you could turn on in filters. When turned on, the Comment count would show in the bottom left of the post. This metric filter will be removed, and comments will no longer be visible here.

Any Pinterest Comment widgets currently on dashboards, reports, or templates will be blank or will show an error after June 26th, 2023. These will need to be removed prior to this date to avoid any interruptions in reporting for your clients.

To determine if a widget is a Pinterest comment widget, simply click the widget in question while in Edit mode. In the Edit Widget menu on the right, you should see "Pinterest" at the top, and the Title field (when empty) will say Comments.

Lastly, Comments were available as a metric within various Pinterest table widgets. This metric must be removed from the selector for table widgets by editing the widget, then removing Comments from the metrics field.

Which metrics will be removed from Pinterest Ads?

Pinterest Ads has changed the availability for some audience analytics metrics. These were historically available as a slide out from the Pinterest Ads Demographics tab, and could be quick added to dashboards.

Going forward, it will no longer be possible to click the categories in the table at the bottom to open the slide out for Audience Exposure information.

Lastly, any Affinity widgets that are currently on your templates, reports, or dashboards, will error out or be blank after the June 26th cut off date. Audience Exposure widgets will remain available, despite being removed from the slide out as mentioned above.

As always, if you have any questions or need any further assistance please reach out to our friendly Customer Support team.

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