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Reauthorize an integration connection
Reauthorize an integration connection

If authorization to one of your integrations is revoked or disconnects, follow these steps to reauthorize the connection.

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Our platform relies on authorized API connections with our supported integrations to pull in data. When you first connect an integration you're authorizing us, a third party, to pull specific data from that platform to display within our platform. This authorization is what allows us to continuously pull the latest information for you.

Integrations can disconnect for a variety of reasons like a security update with the integration, the connecting user may have changed their password, or the platform updated their API. Since each integration has a different API and security settings, we can't always tell exactly why a connection was lost.

Regardless of why or how a disconnect happened, the steps below will help you to reauthorize the connection.

How to reauthorize a disconnected integration

From within a campaign, head to the Integrations page and locate the integration that requires reconnection. Most disconnected integrations will display a red, broken chain icon in the upper right of their tile.


Click on the integration tile to open the connection window. Some, but not all, integrations may display an error message with some additional context on the cause of the disconnect.

Click reconnect account in the bottom left to move on to the next step.

Depending on the required authentication process for the integration you're connecting, you'll see one of two options.

Most commonly, clicking reconnect account will show you a list of accounts or profiles that have previously been connected or authorized. Do not select your account from the list of available connections. This will not reauthorize the account.

Instead, click the large, gray Connect New Account button at the bottom of the list. Doing so will launch an authorization popup. Each integration will have different steps to authenticate; simply follow the steps in the window to login and reauthenticate the connection.

After following the authentication steps in the popup, the reauthorization will be complete and data will begin flowing to your widgets again.

Less commonly, the connection page will have empty fields for you to fill out. In these cases, please re-enter the requested information, then click Save or Connect in the bottom left.

After the reconnection steps above have been followed, the reauthorization will be complete, and data will begin flowing into your dashboard and reports widgets again.

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