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Track Budget Pacing with Custom Goals
Track Budget Pacing with Custom Goals

Use Custom Goals to set and track your monthly budget, then display it on dashboards or reports.

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Budget pacing can be an integral part of an agency’s monthly planning. Using our Custom Goals feature, you can set and track your monthly budget with a widget on both dashboards and reports.

Custom Goals are available on certain AgencyAnalytics plans.

How to Track Budget Pacing with Custom Goals

  1. Simply create a goal and use your monthly (or daily) budget as your goal amount.

  2. Add your goal as a widget to your custom dashboard or to a report. From there, you'll automatically see how your current ad spend relates to your budget.

Budget pacing is an important tool that gives your team clear visibility into your spending. If an agency has a budget to spend $100,000 on Google Ads each month for a client, they will need a way to ensure they are spending at the correct pace throughout the month.

In the example below, this agency is midway through the month, however their spend is a bit lower than the $50,000 they should have spent by this time. The black line (the pacing bar) indicates where their spend should be, with the bar filling up over time as their spend increases. In the top right corner of the widget, you'll also see the dollar value shown.

As this agency hasn’t met their spend goal, the bar shows in red.

If they were on pace for this goal, or had surpassed their goal, the bar will instead show in green.

This goal will reset at the start of each month automatically, so if your budget has changed between months, make sure to edit this goal in your Settings!

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