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Create a dashboardClick Create Dashboard, then follow the dashboard creation wizard.
Create a dashboard section using a pre-built templateChoose from a variety of professionally designed, pre-configured templates when creating your dashboard sections.
Add widgets on dashboardsAdd a widget to your dashboards to provide access, at a glance, to the data and metrics that you and your customers care about most
Create an account level dashboardFrom the homepage, click the dashboard tab, then create section. Add widgets from all your different campaigns, then save to finish!
Add custom tooltips to chart widgetsEdit the widget, enter your custom tooltip message under the General tab, and click Save.
Add values on bar chart or line chart widgetsEdit the widget, then enable "Show Data Labels" within the "Display" tab.
Create Staff only custom dashboardsUse dashboard permissions to create a Staff Only dashboard, perfect for tracking internal goals and KPIs for your team.
Remove empty columns from a Google Sheets table widgetEdit the table widget, then enable 'Exclude Empty Columns' within the 'Data' Tab.
View widgets in full screenClick on the widget's ellipsis "...", then select "Full Screen."
Access Metrics, Filters, and SettingsActivate metrics and filter data. You can do so via the settings button at the top right of dashboards, or when editing widgets
Embed Instagram postsCustomize your IG share link to embed posts in your dashboard and reports
Horizontal scrolling for table widgetsHow to utilize the horizontal scrolling feature within table widgets in Reports and Dashboards
Map Widget OverviewEverything you need to know about the map widget.
Use Google Sheets to display regional maps on your dashboards and web reportsEverything you need to know about creating and displaying Google Sheets maps on dashboards and web reports
Change the order of multiple custom dashboardsGo to Overview > Dashboard. Click (...) > Manage. Drag and drop the custom dashboards to your desired order and click Save Settings.
Custom metric example formulasPossible custom metrics formulas you can use for your client campaigns.
Embed TweetsUse a service like Twitframe to get an embeddable link and use the embed widget to showcase individual Tweets
Remove widgets on dashboardsEnter edit dashboard mode, click the ellipsis "...", then select "Delete"
Adding a secondary dimension to your line chartHow to split your line chart data into multiple lines.
Changing a widget chart typeHow to change from one chart type to another on custom dashboards and in reports.
Customize a widget on dashboardsToggle "edit dashboard" mode, then click the ellipsis "..." for the widget that you wish to edit
Rearrange widgets on dashboardsDrag and drop widgets to customize the look of your dashboard
Resize widgets on dashboardsEasily resize widgets by dragging the corners to expand or collapse
Add title headers on dashboardsClick "Edit Dashboard", the add widgets menu will automatically appear, select "Objects" > "Title"
Email a report from any dashboardQuickly email a report from any dashboard in our platform by selecting "Send via Email" from the export menu at the top right.
How to Filter dataAn overview of Filters and how to utilize them in dashboards and reports.
Using advanced filtersAdvanced filters are currently available for all compatible GA4, Google Ads, and Google Search Console widgets.
Compare to a previous period (Dashboards)Toggle a comparison to the previous calendar period or calendar year using the time period selector
Add multiple custom dashboardsClick the dropdown button directly above the custom dashboard to create a new dashboard, or to switch between them
Create a shareable link to a dashboardClick the "Export" button at the top right of any dashboard, then choose "Get Link"
Connect a client messaging platformAdmins can connect their preferred client support messaging tool via the Settings > General area of their account
Embed content on dashboards and web reports via our embed widgetsChoose Object > Embed when adding a widget. This allows you to embed almost anything via an iframe
Embed TikTok videosAdd an Embed widget, then add the video's ID number (found after /video/ in the URL) to
Enable presentation mode for dashboardsTo view your dashboards in full-screen mode, hit the share button at the top right, then select "Present" from the drop-down.
Capture an image of a widgetClick "..." on any widget to capture it. You'll have the option to copy or download the image.
Customize title headers on dashboardsAs with any widget, toggle into "Edit" mode, then click the ellipsis "..." icon.
Resize title headers on dashboardsEnable "Edit mode" and click/drag to resize.
Create a dashboard templateCreate and configure dashboard templates via the Template section.
Apply dashboard section templatesFrom a campaign, click Create Dashboard Section, then choose Start from a Template. Pick the template of your choice, name it, then save it!
Edit dashboard templatesUse the "Templates" control panel to edit or delete your dashboard templates.
Delete dashboard templatesClick the "x" that appears when you hover over a dashboard template in the "Templates" control panel.
Add a custom textbox widget on dashboardsIn the add widget menu, select "Object" then "Textbox"
Add an image to a textboxAdd a textbox widget, click the "add image" button, then paste the URL to your image into the popup
Add images from Google DriveAdd images to dashboards or reports using a URL created from a Google Drive share link with our textbox widget.
Add images via image URLUse an image URL to add images to your media library, then insert these into image widgets on dashboards and reports.
Delete images from an image widget or the media libraryWhen an image is no longer needed, simply delete it from the widget, or from the media library.
Filter for individual or multiple ad campaignsOpen your widget or dashboard settings, and use the checkboxes to select the campaign(s), ad group(s), or ad set(s) you need
Add content to a custom widget on dashboardsType or paste in text, format that text, add numbered/bulleted lists, images, hyperlinks, charts, and more.
Add a Google Sheets table widget on dashboardsIn the add widgets menu, click Google Sheets, then select "Table"
Configure a Google Sheets table widget on dashboardsPut your dashboard into "Edit" mode, then click the "gear" icon on the widget you'd like to edit. Finally, choose the sheet to connect.
Add a Google Sheets stat widget on dashboardsIn the add widget menu, select Google Sheets and click "Stat"
Configure a Google Sheets stat widget on dashboardsEnter "Edit Dashboard" mode, click the gear icon for the widget, then select a sheet and cell from which to pull your data.
Add a widget from anywhere to your custom dashboardWhen browsing any of our dedicated integration dashboards, click "..." on a widget to add that widget to your custom dashboard.
Clone an existing dashboardRoll out complex and sophisticated dashboard configurations at scale with just a couple of clicks.
Clone a dashboard templateFrom the Templates page, click the Sections tab, then click Create Template in the upper right. Then, choose start from template.
Configure mobile dashboard designsToggle to "Mobile" view to design a mobile-optimized version of each client dashboard.
Clear a dashboardToggle to "Edit Dashboard", click the "Delete" button, and then confirm your choice
Create custom metricsBuild custom metrics in your campaign's settings area, then add them like you'd add any other widget to a report or dashboard.
Edit a custom metricEdit custom metrics in your campaign's settings area, or directly from your dashboards, or reports.
Create custom goalsCreate custom goals in your campaign's settings area, then add them like you'd add any other widget to a report or dashboard.
Edit a custom goalEdit custom goals in your campaign's settings area, or directly from the custom goal widget on your dashboard or report.
Track Budget Pacing with Custom GoalsUse Custom Goals to set and track your monthly budget, then display it on dashboards or reports.
Add multiple metrics in a single widgetEasily visualize two metrics simultaneously on bar, line, and area graph charts.