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How to clear cached AgencyAnalytics data in Google Chrome
How to clear cached AgencyAnalytics data in Google Chrome

Cached data can cause a variety of display issues, deleting the AgencyAnalytics data cache in your browser may resolve this.

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This article covers how to clear cached AgencyAnalytics data in Google Chrome. After following this guide you will need to sign into AgencyAnalytics again.

First click the vertical three dots in the upper right hand corner of your browser. This will open a dropdown menu, look for Settings then click to open this page in your browser.

On the Settings page, click Privacy and Security in the left hand menu. Then on the Privacy and Security page, click "Cookies and other site data".

On the Cookies and site data page, scroll down until you find "See all site data and permissions", then click to open.

Finally, search for "AgencyAnalytics" in the search box located in the upper right corner. Among the results you should see an item for "" Click on the trash can icon next to it to delete cached data specifically for our site.

Once completed, log back into AgencyAnalytics and the issue should be resolved!

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