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Create an account level dashboard
Create an account level dashboard

From the homepage, click the dashboard tab, then create section. Add widgets from all your different campaigns, then save to finish!

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Multi-campaign dashboards can be created at the account level to track data from multiple campaigns, allowing you to showcase data from multiple websites or locations at once. This is available to users on some of our plans; if you're unsure if it's part of yours, reach out to our Support team for help!

In order to include data from multiple campaigns on a dashboard, the dashboard needs to be created from the Home page. At the top of the screen, click Dashboard to navigate to the Account Dashboard view.

At this time, only Admin, and Staff with unrestricted campaign usage will be able to view, edit, and manage account level dashboards.

From here, click Create Dashboard Section. If you haven't previously created an account level section, the button will be in the middle of the page.

If you have existing account level sections, you can add more by clicking the ... to the right of the section names, then Add from the dropdown.

Next, decide how you want to create the section. Choose from a blank section, a section template, or clone an existing section as your base.

On the following page select a name for your dashboard section, then click continue. Doing so will generate the dashboard section, and take you to the edit section screen.

Now that the dashboard is created, you can add integration widgets, images, objects, titles, and more!

After you've added an integration widget, click the widget, then in the Edit Widget sidebar on the right, click Data. From the data tab, locate the Campaign dropdown, and select the campaign where you'd like data to flow in from.

Each individual widget will display the name of the campaign currently connected to this widget, below the metric or widget title.

Why am I seeing No Integration Exists when I select a campaign?

The error message, "No Integration Exists", occurs when the campaign selected for this widget does not have the integration connected.
In the example below we can see the metric of this widget is Facebook Followers, however because a campaign without Facebook enabled was connected, there is no integration to pull that data from.

This can be resolved by double checking the correct campaign is selected from the dropdown, or making sure that the integration you'd like to pull data from has been enabled successfully within the campaign you're selecting.

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