Configure PPC Markup
Set PPC markup for your entire account in your profile settings, or configure it for individual campaigns in the campaign settings
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Configure PPC Markup

Our PPC markup feature allows you to add your agency's margin percentage to each of our PPC integrations. This allows you to display the total cost in your report, while hiding your actual base cost from the client.

You can specify a separate markup for each PPC integration, and you can control markup at both an account-level and for individual campaigns. 

Once configured, the PPC markup will be automatically applied to all of your reports.

Configure account-wide PPC markup

PPC markup can be automatically applied to all campaigns in your account at once. To access these settings, click on your user icon in the top right corner and choose "Profile".

Alternatively, PPC markup is also accessible through Settings in the sidebar, if you are not actively in a campaign.

Next, click Agency Markup from the settings page menu. Here you can specify different markup percentages for each of our PPC integrations.

These PPC markup settings will be applied to all campaigns in your account, unless you've specified a different markup for some individual campaigns (see below for how to configure campaign-level PPC markup).

Configure campaign-level PPC markup

You can specify a different PPC markup for individual campaigns, and these settings will override any account-wide markup you may have. 

To access campaign-level PPC markup settings, click "Settings" at the bottom of the left side menu.

Then, select Agency Markup from the settings page menu. On the Agency Markup page, you'll be able to change the markup percentage for each of our PPC integrations.

Note that if you'd like to revert back to your account-wide PPC markup, simply delete the campaign-level PPC markup. If you'd like to apply no PPC markup to a specific campaign, simply enter 0 (zero) as the campaign-level markup.

How to calculate your PPC markup

It's important not to get confused between the commission you charge and your PPC markup.

A markup creates profit margin by applying a rate increase towards your client's PPC ad spend. Whereas, your commission is a percentage of the total cost (ad spend + markup).

Let's take a look at a brief example:

If you spent $1,000 on PPC ads on behalf of your client and you added a 50% markup, the math would look like this:

1,000 x 0.5 = 500

The markup amount is $500 and the total cost to your client would be: $1,000 + $500 = $1,500.

Now, what's your commission? It's $500. 

And, your commission rate? 500/1500 = 0.33 ---> 33%

In this example the markup is 50%, but your commission is 33%.

If you charge a 50% commission to this same client, you would want to add a markup of 100%.

If you have any questions regarding markup, calculations, or whether your subscription includes access to PPC markup, feel free to reach out to Customer Support.

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