How to create a client account

Click the "Users" tab from your root campaign dashboard

If you are creating new users for the very first time, you will be presented with these two options on your screen.

Alternatively, you may just click "Create User", and select "Client" from the drop down menu on the upper right hand corner.

The "Create Client User" wizard will appear. On the "Contact" tab, fill out the Client user's contact information. We recommend using the email address as the user name. For a more professional look, we also recommend uploading a photo for the Client user whenever possible. To do so, hover over the grey photo icon until the photo options appear.

Next, click the "Campaigns" tab to choose the campaigns that this client user will be able to access and modify. A list of campaigns will appear below. By default, all campaign are in the "inaccessible" column. Click any campaigns that you would like to move into the "accessible" column. The client user will then have access to view those "accessible" campaigns.

The client account will be created once you click "Save".

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