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Labs CRM Overview
Labs CRM Overview

Introducing CRM: A Dedicated Space to Organize Clients

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The CRM is a Labs feature still in development. We're looking for your input to iterate and evolve the feature based on your needs. Take it for a spin and let us know what you think by submitting a feature request here!
Please note, Labs features are only available for Agency plans and above.

Activate the CRM in your account

To get started hover over the sidebar on the left then click Labs in the expanded menu.

This will open the Labs page, where you can add any of our experimental Labs features to your account.
Look for the CRM tile then click the Add button at the bottom. This will take a couple of seconds to activate, after which the button will gray out and say "Already Added".

The CRM is now active in your account! Staff and Admin users can view and update client profiles on the Companies page.

Create a Company in CRM

First, hover over the sidebar on the left, then click Companies at the top of the expanded menu to open the Companies page.

If no company profiles exist the Create Company button will display in the middle of the screen, otherwise look for the Create Company button in the upper right hand corner.

This opens the creation wizard where you can fill out basic company info like name, website, and the lifecycle stage this client is at. Once finished, click Create in the bottom left to create the company profile.

Once a company profile is created, it will be visible on the Companies page under the column that corresponds to their lifecycle stage.

To quickly change the lifestyle stage, simply click drag and drop the company tile to another column.

Add Company Details and Campaigns to a Company Profile

From the Companies page, click the name on the tile to open this companies CRM profile.

In the top left is a quick action card with buttons to call, email, or text this company. These are generated from the information you enter in the optional fields for company details.

To add these details scroll down, looking for the additional fields on the bottom left. Next, click the field then type the information or select from the dropdown.

The additional fields can be added as metrics to the List view table on the Company page to help surface important information quickly.

Next, associate one or more campaigns with this company. On the righthand side of the page look for the Campaigns tile, then click Associate Campaign in the upper right.

In the popover, click the dropdown and select the campaign you wish to add then click Save.

This campaign now shows on the company profile under Campaigns and can be clicked to quickly open.

If you need to remove a campaign from this company, click the ellipsis to the far right then click Disassociate Campaign. This will remove the campaign from the profile and will not affect the campaign in any other way.

Add Notes to a Company Profile

Company profiles have a notes section in the lower right, where teammates can quickly add profile notes for other members of the team, or tracking their own actions.
To add a note, click the Add note field and type in your message. When ready, click Add in the lower right to post this note to their company profile.

The note displays the name and image of who posted it, when it was posted, as well as the message contents.

To delete a note, simply hover over the message then click the trashcan icon that appears. There is no confirmation message for deleting notes; once you click the trashcan the note will be permanently deleted.

Change or Filter the Company View

Depending on your teams needs and preferences, the Companies page can also be viewed as a list. Simply click the List or Tile button in the upper right to switch between views.

Once in List view, click the filters button in the upper right to open the Metrics and Filters slide-out. Click the check box next to any of the listed metrics to add this as a column to the Companies table.

In the same slide-out, click the Filters tab at the top to open the filtering menu, where you can choose a specific lifestyle stage or owner to display companies for. This option is available in both Tile and List view.

Have an idea for a great CRM addition, or simply want to share your feedback on this feature? Click here to open our feedback forum, where you can add feature suggestions or vote on existing ones!

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