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Find quick answers to Campaign questions here.

Q: What is a campaign?

In AgencyAnalytics, one Campaign refers to one website or URL for which you're tracking metrics. Within a campaign you then create custom dashboards and reports for your client, filled with widgets from the integrations you connect.

Q: Can I restore a deleted campaign?

Deleted campaigns can generally be restored if deleted within the last 30 calendar days. At this time restoring a campaign will not restore the reports or dashboard previously created within it. To have a campaign restored, please contact our friendly support team with the name and URL of the campaign to be restored.

Q: Is it possible to pause or archive a campaign?

It's not possible to pause or archive a campaign in AgencyAnalytics. In order to retain data for a campaign you would need to leave the campaign active in our system. Alternatively you can export some of the camapign data to save a backup if you wish to delete the campaign.

Q: Does it matter if I enter a campaign as http versus https?

No, you can enter your site either way and our platform will treat them equivalently as we strip off the HTTP or HTTPS. It will have no impact on your SERP tracking or any other function in our system.

Q: Why doesn't the "All Time" date range display all of my data?

Unless updated the All Time date range available on dashboards, widgets, and reports refers to when the Campaign was created in your AgencyAnalytics account, rather than the creation of any connected integration.

This means that if you created a campaign yesterday then "All Time" would give you data from yesterday and today. This can be changed by updating your campaign start date.

Q: How can I edit the name of a campaign?

First navigate to the campaign whose URL you'd like to change, then click "Settings" in the bottom of the left side menu. Click campaign details then edit the existing campaign name. Once done, hit Save in the bottom left to lock in your change.

Q: How can I edit a campaign URL?

From within the campaign you'd like to change, click Settings in the bottom of the left side menu. Click Campaign Details, then edit the existing URL for this campaign. Once done, hit Save in the bottom left to lock in your changes.
Please be aware that updating the campaign URL will affect the URL used for backlinks and rank tracker.

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