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Connect a client messaging platform
Connect a client messaging platform

Admins can connect their preferred client support messaging tool via the Settings > General area of their account

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How to connect a client support messaging platform

The admin (owner) of the account has access to the account's profile settings (accessible here) where you can find your account's API key.

Our client messaging integration allows you to connect one of our many client support messaging platforms. This provides a seamless way for your clients to contact you, or for them to receive your messages directly within their AgencyAnalytics dashboards. 

Note: The client message integration settings shown below are only accessible by the admin of your subscription.

In order to access the message integration settings in your AgencyAnalytics account, simply click on your user icon in the top right corner and choose "Profile".

Alternatively, you can also access these settings through the sidebar of the root campaign dashboard, under Settings.

Click Client Messaging in the settings page menu to navigate to the Client Messaging page.

Next you can pick your platform from the drop down list and enter the required credentials. Finally, hit the "Save" button at the bottom.

The integration will then be complete, and your client users will now see a messaging icon at the bottom right of their screens when viewing their dashboards. 

Any messages your clients send will automatically appear in your messaging platform, where your team can handle communications like normal.

This also means you'll be able to push out messages across your clients, which they'll be able to view directly in their AgencyAnalytics dashboards!

Our client messaging integration is only available on some pricing levels. See our pricing page or reach out to our support team to check if you have access to it.

Note: The messaging icon at the bottom-right is only visible on your client-facing dashboards. Admin and Staff users will still see our regular AgencyAnalytics support icon, through which they can reach us.

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