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As an account Admin, head to the Shopify App Store, search AgencyAnalytics, then follow the prompts to connect.

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Before connecting Shopify, there are a few requirements that must be met. If the conditions aren't met, then you may run into a validation error or other connection issue.

The user connecting Shopify must:

  • Be the Admin of the AgencyAnalytics account where the connection will be made

  • Be logged into the AgencyAnalytics account prior to making the connection

  • Be logged into the Shopify app store as the Store you'd like to connect

At the moment connection is limited to the Admin of the AgencyAnalytics account. We are currently working to remove this limitation.

If you meet the above criteria, please visit the Shopify App store listing to connect with your Shopify store.

In the upper right of the app store page, click Add app. Doing so will redirect you to the Installation page.

As a note, larger screens may see the Add app button to the left, below the AgencyAnalytics header instead.

The Installation page will show in-depth privacy details, and a confirmation to install. Next, click the Install app button in the upper right. This will load for a moment, then redirect you to AgencyAnalytics.

From the dropdown, select the Campaign where you'd like to connect Shopify, then click Connect to finish the connection.

After connecting Shopify it can take between 5-6 days for Shopify to deliver all of your data. This time depends on Shopify's API response, and the amount of data in your account.

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