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Set Up API Access
Set Up API Access

Learn where to find important API information and more.

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Our API enables Premier customers to communicate with the backend of our platform. With the help of a developer or engineer, this allows you to create a variety of custom features to suit your teams specific needs.

Setting Up API Access

In order to build anything using our API, you need to work with an engineer or developer directly. This engineer or developer will need some basic information about our API, as well as a Staff User account to get started.

Creating a Staff account for your engineer or developer is a vital step, as this enables them to view important API information in-app, as well as use our code builder to speed up the build process.

Staff users can be created following the steps in this article.

API Preparation Checklist

We put together the checklist below to ensure all information your engineer or developer will need is easy to find. We recommend sharing all of the following:

  1. Verify they can sign into their Staff account successfully. They'll need to use the staff URL to sign in, which can be found at the top of the Users page, as shown below.

2. Locate your API key. The API key is required to authorize access to data pulled from our API. This can only be found in the Admin account by following the steps in this article.

3. Share the "Using the API Playground" article. This article is written for engineers and developers to share basic API information, and covers where to find the API playground, as well as basic usage information.

Our Support team is available to answer basic questions about the API, however we are not trained engineers or developers and cannot assist with code building or troubleshooting.

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