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Find your API key
Find your API key

When signed in as the Admin, click the API icon in the left sidebar, then click API key, before copying the key on the following page.

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How to find your API key

The admin (owner) of the account is the only one with access to the account API key (accessible here).

We offer API access to customers on some of our plans. See our pricing page for the latest details, or reach out to our support team and we'll be happy to check whether your plan has API access.

If available, your API key (also know as your API auth), can be found in your admin account. It is not available within staff user accounts.

Login as the Admin, then click the API icon in the left sidebar.


From the API section, click API Key to switch to that page.

Here you'll find your API key. To reveal it, hover over the API key itself, or to copy it simply click the clipboard icon to the right.


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