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Using the API Playground
Using the API Playground

Where to find important data, use the code builder, and more!

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The API playground is available to all Staff and Admin users in accounts with API access. This is where all the important API information is shared, as well as our handy code builder.
To access the API Playground, hover over the sidebar on any high level page (not within a campaign) then click API.

This will open the API Overview, which has a few sections with useful information you may need to work with the API. At the top of the page you can click Playground to jump to the code builder.

API Overview


Covers the terminology we use as well as some basic information about how our API works.


The API Key is only available to the account Admin. If this was not provided to you, they can follow these steps to locate it.


Shares example code blocks of the Read / Delete and Create / Update Operation - POST JSON.


Covers Statuses, Codes, as well as Success and Error code examples.

API Playground

The API Playground is basically a code building sandbox that you can use to quickly generate the code you need, as well as test the code.

At the top are three different options to copy and execute the code. These will be unavailable until you build a query using the dropdown menus on the left.

There is only one Provider, once selected other drop downs will become available. Depending on the Asset and Operations you select, even more options will appear.

Click the drop downs and select the appropriate asset, operation, etc. for what you're trying to achieve.

Once the options are selected, the buttons at the top will be available to Copy or Execute.

The code block provided by the Playground should be edited to include your clients specifics. For example, if the API is being used to quickly create campaigns you would need to enter the Company name, URL, and group into the code for it to run successfully.

We can see in this example below that the query executed was incomplete by reviewing the returned error on the right:

After successfully updating the query, executing will return a positive status instead, as shown on the right of the screenshot below.

Our Support team is available to answer basic questions about our API, however we're not trained developers and cannot help build or troubleshoot code.

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