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Google Analytics transition to Google Analytics 4
Google Analytics transition to Google Analytics 4

On July 1st, 2023 Google Analytics 4 will officially replace Universal Analytics, changing what data will be available on our platform.

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As of July 1st, 2023, Universal Analytics will officially sunset. After that, Google Analytics UA will stop gathering and processing new data.
With this in mind, we've put together some information below to help you understand what these changes will look like in AgencyAnalytics, and share some new features to help this transition.

GA-UA Data Availability

As of May 10th, 2023, Google has stated that users will maintain access to Universal Analytics data for at least 6 months following the sunset. Based on this, we believe historical data will remain available via the API for this length of time as well.

Any widgets that are displaying GA-UA data from prior to July 1st, 2023 will continue to do so until API access is shut off by Google.

After July 1st we will no longer receive new GA-UA data. This means that data from after that date will not be displayed or included on GA-UA widgets.

Instead, we recommend replacing these widgets on your reports, dashboards, and templates with the closest corresponding widget available in Google Analytics 4.

Improvements to Google Analytics 4 in AgencyAnalytics

In anticipation of this sunset, we've worked hard to add new metrics, filters, and features to better support Google Analytics 4 users.

New GA4 Templates for Reports and Sections

When creating a new report or dashboard section, search using keyword GA4 to locate all available premade templates for GA4.

New and Updated GA4 Metrics and Filters

We've added a wide variety of new metrics to our Google Analytics 4 integration. Find a full list of available metrics here, including Active Users, Conversions, Sessions and much more.

Add the metrics of your choice to your dashboards, reports, or templates. Then use filters to display exactly the data you need for your clients. There are many filters available, including but not limited to:
​Advanced Pages Filter

Use the advanced pages filter to limit the data displayed in a widget using by page: filter by specific URL path, or by keyword contained in page URL. Find detailed instructions here.

Source/Medium Filter

Source is where your website's traffic comes from, Medium is how it got there. Use the Source/Medium filter to display analytics from one or multiple source or medium. For a full list of compatible metrics, click here.

Event Filter

With event filtering, choose to include or exclude events based on event name, focusing on the most relevant events for your clients reporting needs.

Future Improvements

Over time, Google is sure to add new metrics, filters, and more to their platform. We'll be monitoring as they do, and will work to implement these features as they become available to us.

Up next we're releasing an advanced contains filter for all filters possible for GA4 widgets. This will function like the Pages filter mentioned above, allowing teams to filter data by URL path, or keyword.

We're dedicated to continuously improving our Google Analytics 4 integration, so if there's a missing feature, metric, or otherwise that you'd like to see available in AgencyAnalytics, submit a feature request or share with our friendly Customer Support team.

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