Why are some of my Google Analytics accounts not showing in the connection list?

1) Check permission level

Google requires that users have both "Edit" and "Collaborate" permissions to access the data.

Verify your permission level and contact the owner of the account if you need extra permissions. The owner will be able to grant you "Edit" and "Collaborate" permissions from their User Management panel.

2) Use your tracking ID (UA number) to find your view

Sometimes the name of the view displayed on our connection list won't match the one you see at analytics.google.com.

To troubleshoot this, search your view by its tracking ID (UA number). You can find your view's UA number by clicking the name of your view at the top left corner of your Google Analytics account (right next to the Google Analytics logo).

In the menu that appears, you can see the UA number and view number of all views.

Match these numbers to the numbers shown when connecting your Google Analytics integration in AgencyAnalytics to ensure you're looking at the correct data.

3) Verify that you're not connecting an App+Web property

Unfortunately, App+Web properties are not available via Google's API. Verify that the view you're looking for is not under an App+Web property.

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