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Filter Google Analytics 4 widgets by pageApply either basic or advanced filters to your Google Analytics 4 widgets to only show data from the exact page (or pages) you'd like.
Connect Google AnalyticsHow to connect your Google Analytics account to your AgencyAnalytics dashboard.
Connect HubSpotHow to set up our HubSpot integration
Connect KeapFrom within a campaign, click integrations in the sidebar. Next, click Keap, enter your credentials, and save to integrate!
Connect SalesforceHow to connect your Salesforce integration
Connect ServiceTitanFirst, ensure you have your Tenant ID, Client ID, and Secrey Key from ServiceTitan, then follow the steps in AgencyAnalytics to connect.
Can I block spam referral URLs in Google Analytics?Yes, you can set up a view filter in your GA account, then connect that view profile to AgencyAnalytics
Connect SharpSpringHow to connect your SharpSpring integration
Connect UnbounceHow to set up the Unbounce integration
Can you connect a custom segment to the Google Analytics module?Yes you can: Filter by Google Analytics segment via your dashboard or widget's settings.
Connect HighLevelConnect HighLevel to a campaign by heading to the integration page, selecting HighLevel, then authorizing the connection.
Google Analytics transition to Google Analytics 4On July 1st, 2023 Google Analytics 4 will officially replace Universal Analytics, changing what data will be available on our platform.
Connect Google Analytics 4From within a campaign, click Integrations in the sidebar. Click Analytics, then Google Analytics 4, lastly follow the prompts to connect.