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Google Analytics Paid Search channel contains no data
Google Analytics Paid Search channel contains no data

When the paid traffic channel doesn't contain data, that typically means that the customer hasn't connected Google Ads and Google Analytics

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What if my Paid Search channel for Google Analytics is empty?

Is that data available in your native Google Analytics account

AgencyAnalytics is only able to pull in data that actually exists in the native GA interface. If there's no data for Paid Search in your native GA account, then that data won't be available in AgencyAnalytics either, and no further troubleshooting would be possible on our end. 

If No:

When Paid Search data isn't being collected in Google Analytics, you would first connect Google Ads to Google Analytics and enable auto-tagging to begin pulling in your Ads data. Then, for other PPC networks, you'd need to implement URL tagging via Google's URL builder. This blog post from a site called "The E-Commerce Expert" has instructions for doing this with Yahoo Ads, but the basic process is the same for any PPC network.

If Yes:

  • Do you have the correct Google Analytics property ID connected?
    You'll find the property ID in AgencyAnalytics by clicking the "settings slider", and looking here:

You'll find the property ID in the native GA interface by clicking the name of your property from the "Home" view:

Then, looking for the associated property ID for the account or the view in the format of UA-12345678-X.

If none of these situations apply, please contact our support team.

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