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Create a dashboard section using a pre-built template
Create a dashboard section using a pre-built template

Choose from a variety of professionally designed, pre-configured templates when creating your dashboard sections.

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How to create a dashboard section using a pre-built dashboard section template

To help our customers to quickly design dashboards that will wow their clients, we have created a variety of pre-designed dashboard section templates to choose from. We also have pre-built templates to jumpstart your reporting, which you can learn about here!

To get started, navigate to the campaign where you'd like to add a pre-built section template.

If you haven't created a dashboard section previously, click the button to create a dashboard section, shown in the middle of the screen.

If you have an existing dashboard section, click the ... next to the dashboard name, then select Add from dropdown.

Multiple dashboard sections are only available on some AgencyAnalytics plans.

After clicking create, or add, the dashboard section creation wizard will open. From here, click Start from a template.

On the next page you will choose the source for the new dashboard section from a list of existing templates. To see the pre-made section templates only, click the dropdown and select "Default Section Templates".

Scroll or search the list to find the one you'd like to use, then click the template name. This will select it, and show a preview on the right.

To move ahead with the template of your choosing, make sure it's selected then click Continue in the bottom left.

Here, name the dashboard section, then click continue in the bottom left.

The dashboard section has now been created from the pre-built template you chose. From here, you can add more widgets, or edit existing ones. Make sure to save in the upper right to lock in the creation of your dashboard section!

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