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Click Create Dashboard, then follow the dashboard creation wizard.

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How to create a custom dashboard

Custom dashboards can only be created within a client campaign. If you haven't created a campaign yet, first follow these steps.

To get started, click on the campaign tile, or if in list view, click the name of the campaign that you'd like to create the dashboard in.

If the campaign does not have an existing custom dashboard, you'll see a Create Dashboard module and button in the middle of the screen. If you've already created a dashboard in this campaign, click here for the steps to add an additional dashboard.

Multiple dashboards per campaign are only available on some plans.

Click the Create Dashboard button to open up the dashboard creation wizard.

From here, choose the source of your custom dashboard. You can either choose to create a blank dashboard, a dashboard from a template, or to clone an existing dashboard. In this article we'll use the blank dashboard option.

After selecting the source, enter a name for your dashboard. Short, clear names that define the purpose or contents of the dashboard work best.

Clicking continue will create the dashboard, and redirect you to the dashboard editor. To complete the dashboard creation, click Save in the upper right corner of the screen.

With the dashboard created, you can now add widgets from connected integrations, use objects to create title bars or add images, and much more! Dashboards do not autosave, so ensure to save often when making changes.

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