Create a dashboard

Click Create Dashboard, then follow the dashboard creation wizard.

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How to create a custom dashboard

Custom dashboard sections can only be created within a client campaign. If you haven't created a campaign yet, first follow these steps.

To get started navigate to the campaign you'd like to create a new dashboard section in.

Within the campaign, Click Create Dashboard Section to open the dashboard creation wizard. If this is the first dashboard section within the campaign, the button will appear in the middle of the screen as shown below.

Multiple dashboard sections are only available on some of our plans. You can check out the pricing page for more information on features available on each plan.

If a dashboard section already exists, click the ellipsis (...) to the right of the dashboard section name, then Add from the dropdown.

Select a dashboard section source

This opens the dashboard section creation wizard where you must choose a source for the dashboard section.

Blank dashboard section

Creates a fresh, completely blank dashboard section that you can fully customize with widgets, headers, images and more.

Smart Section

Generates a section pre-filled with widgets from all the integrations currently connected to this campaign.

Section from template

Generates a section based off the template you select. There are premade templates by us available, or you can create your own templates.

Clone an existing section

Duplicates an existing section of your choosing to a new dashboard section, which can then be customized.

​Once you've decided which source to use click the tile to move to the next step. If you chose to create from a template or from an existing section you will first choose the section or template, then click continue in the bottom left to move on step two.

After selecting the source, enter a name for your dashboard. Short, clear names that define the purpose or contents of the dashboard work best.

Click continue in the bottom left to create the dashboard. After a few seconds you'll be redirected to the dashboard editor where you will see your generated dashboard section.

In our Smart Section example below we can see Majestic and Rank Tracker widgets were added to our new section automatically. We can now add additional widgets, edit existing ones, use objects to create title bars, add images and much more.

Dashboard sections don't autosave as you're editing, so we recommending saving often by clicking the Save button in the upper right hand of the screen.

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