Due to Appleā€™s new policy, Facebook has made changes to Facebook Ads tracking and reporting. These changes also affect how Facebook sends your data via its API.

To access Facebook Ads data that includes iOS14 data, users should enable the "unified attribution setting" in AgencyAnalytics.

How to enable the unified attribution setting

This setting is available on your Ads > Facebook Ads dashboards via the settings button at the top right.

The unified attribution setting is also available in Facebook Ads widgets for reports and custom dashboards (simply open the widget's settings to access it).

Important information

When using Facebook's unified attribution setting, Facebook may not allow you to aggregate some metrics (including metrics related to app installs, purchases, and some engagements).

This means that you can see a mismatch in numbers when comparing data between different widgets or areas either inside AgencyAnalytics, or from directly within Facebook's own interface at facebook.com.

For example, a stat widget (which shows aggregated data) may not align with what is shown in a table widget, due to Facebook choosing to report these two figures differently or block some data.

Importantly, AgencyAnalytics reports the exact data that Facebook sends you (we never change it in any way). When comparing your AgencyAnalytics data to the data you see at facebook.com, the numbers will match provided you're looking at the same attribution, date range, and other settings.

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