Embedding the dashboard on your own website via iFrame

An iFrame (inline frame) is an HTML element that will load another webpage within the host page. These can be used for embedding videos, webpages, interactive content, and more into your website.

Before getting starting, it's important to note that building an iFrame requires basic web development skills. Our Support team are unable to help troubleshoot or walk through this process. Because of this, we recommend connecting with a web developer for assistance in building one for your own site. With help from a web developer and API access, you can also create a custom login page.

When setting up your iFrame, ensure it's on a secure (authenticated) page. Use the white labeled URL that you created for your AgencyAnalytics account. This is visible to the account Admin, and can be found in Settings > Domain/Login.

Next, be sure that you've created accounts for each of your staff and clients using the instructions in this article, so those users can log in via the iFrame. 

You can also automate user account creation and client logins by utilizing our API (if your subscription includes access to this). If using our API, you can log the user in with these instructions. If you don't have API access, you can still embed AgencyAnalytics as an iFrame - your users will just need to log in manually.

Reminder: Only embed the dashboard in a secure (authenticated) part of your site, especially when using the API to automatically log users in. The API login URL contains a token that can be used to read data from your account.

You'll find our full API documentation here.

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