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Embed the dashboard on your own website
Embed the dashboard on your own website

With some basic web development skills you can embed the AgencyAnalytics dashboard in an iFrame on your own website.

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An iFrame (inline frame) is an HTML element that loads another webpage within a host page. By using an iFrame, you can embed access to your AgencyAnalytics environment into an existing page on your website.
This enables your clients to quickly and easily sign into the platform, providing them access to dashboards and reports without leaving your site.

You'll need to connect with a web developer to implement your custom iFrame; our Support team is not trained in web development and are unable to help troubleshoot.

How to embed AgencyAnalytics via iFrame

An iFrame requires a URL to determine which page it directs to. Since this is for your Staff and Clients, you'll use the same custom URL they use to sign in. This can be found on the Users page, highlighted in your brand colour, at the top.

In this sample HTML replace with your custom URL:

<iframe src="" 

Using this URL ensures that the iFrame will display the same login page your Staff and Clients are familiar with. When selecting a location for your iFrame, we highly suggest a secure (authenticated) page on your website.

How to Use the iFrame

Once the iFrame has been customized and embedded by a web developer, it's all ready to go! There's nothing to change or enable on our platform to get this working.
​Staff and Client users will be able to sign into the login page displayed, exactly as they would via your custom domain.

If your subscription allows, and with the help of a web developer, account creation and client login can also be automated using our API.

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