How to embed the dashboard on your own website

Create an iFrame on a secure (authenticated) page in your back end using the white labeled URL that you've created within your AgencyAnalytics account. 

You can read more about creating iFrames using HTML here, and you'll find a variety of Wordpress iFrame plugins here.

Next, be sure that you've created accounts for each of your clients using the instructions in this article, so your clients can log in via the iFrame. 

You can also automate user account creation and client logins by utilizing our API (if your subscription includes access to this).

If using our API, you will need to obtain a login token. You will then forward your client user to "https://:site_address/#/login-token/:userId/:token”. You'll find documentation on this specific function here.

If you use this URL for your iFrame, it will log the user in, and will give them access to their dashboard(s) automatically within the iFrame. 

Reminder: Only embed the dashboard in a secure (authenticated) part of your site. The API login URL contains a token that can be used to read data from your account.

You'll find our full API documentation here.

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