Modify existing user accounts

Edit permissions, log in as a user, or delete a user's account

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How to modify an existing user account

From the homepage, hover over the sidebar on the left, then click Users.

This will take you to the Users page where Client and Staff users will be listed. Changes can be made to users by the Admin, or Staff that have the appropriate permissions.

Tile View

Hover over the user account in question, until the three "modify" icons appear. If this is a newly created or pending user, the paper airplane icon will be visible as well.

In Tile View, these options (from left to right) are:

  • Edit the user account, which opens a menu with options to edit the user's profile, campaign access, or permissions as described here

  • The paper airplane will show on pending accounts. This is the 'Send Invite' option, that allows you to quickly resend the invitation to this user via email. If the user has already accepted an invitation, this option will not be visible.

  • Login as the user. This option allows you see the dashboard exactly as the user will see it, and allows you to test the permission settings that you've applied for them.

  • Delete the user's account

List View

When in List View, click the ellipsis (...) on the far right of the User table to open the modification options in a dropdown.


This dropdown has all the same options as Tile View, shown in one dropdown instead.

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