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Add / remove search engines

Open the settings slider and click to enable/disable Google, Google Local, Bing, and more

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How to add or remove search engines

Start in your SEO --> Rank Tracker module, and click the "Settings" button to the right of the time period selector.

Under the "Metrics" heading, check the respective boxes to enable the display of rankings for Google, Google Local, Google Mobile or Bing. Uncheck those same boxes if you want to remove tracking for those search engines.

Those metrics will then be displayed in both the graphical display and the table view.

Some of the available metrics rely on another metric being enabled for the data to show. For example, Google Mobile Change or Google Mobile URL are showing clock icons in the below screenshot. This is because they are enabled, but the Google Mobile Rankings (which these two metrics pull their relevant data from) is not enabled.

To avoid this, make sure that the search engine you'd like to be tracking metrics from is enabled in the filters menu, as seen below.

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