How to generate keyword suggestions

First, navigate to your SEO --> Rankings dashboard module within the campaign for which you'd like to get keyword suggestions.

Click the "Add Keywords" button in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

Then, click "Get Keyword Suggestions"

The "Add Keywords" window will then appear. In the box that says "Suggestions", enter any keyword to get started, then press "Enter" or click the magnifying glass symbol.

A list of semantically related keywords will then appear in the keyword list below. The number of unique monthly searches for each keyword will also be displayed to assist you in your keyword research.

Tick the checkbox next to any of these keywords to add them to your list of keywords to be added in the box to the left. Once you're done adding keywords, click the "Add Keywords" button at the bottom to you confirm your choices.

Your chosen keywords will then be added to the dashboard for SERP tracking. You will see a "clock" icon in place of the SERP position while the system fetches the current rank. Depending on the number of keywords that you've chosen to add, along with the current server load, this can take anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of hours.

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