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Find quick answers to common subscription questions.

Q: Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! We offer a completely free 14 day trial, no credit card required. Interested in trying AgencyAnalytics? Sign up here!

Q: Are there limitations on the trial account?

Your free trial matches the features of our Agency subscription, with two exceptions. While on trial it's not possible to set up a custom email, or to import/export campaigns. For a full overview of Agency features, check out our pricing page.

Q: Do I have to commit to a contract?

No, definitely not! While some plans require a contract, you can choose a monthly subscription which can be cancelled at any time. Our annual plan can also be canceled at any point during the year, and would provide access to the platform until the last paid day of your subscription.

Q: How do subscription cycles work?

When you purchase a plan you're signing up for a subscription to that service that will bill either monthly or annually depending on which you chose. They recur on the same date of the month or year as when you originally purchased the subscription.

Q: How much does a membership cost?

Pricing changes depending on which plan you choose, and how many campaigns you need. For complete information about our pricing tiers and membership levels, check out our pricing page here.

Q: What payment methods are accepted?

Our system currently accepts PayPal and Credit Card, including AmEx. Debit card payments are not supported.

Q: Do you offer a money back guarantee?

If you're not satisfied with the software within 30 days of purchase, please reach out to our friendly support team for a full refund. Find more details on our refund policy here!

Q: Am I charged in USD or CAD?

All pricing and charges displayed on our platform, website, or via marketing emails is in USD.

Q: Why was my payment declined?

AgencyAnalytics never declines payments; when a declined error is shown this was the decline code we received from your card issuer.

We aren't able to troubleshoot any decline codes from our end but may be able to provide additional information on the code you're seeing before you contact your card issuer.

Q: How long is my data stored after my trial or subscription expires?

We retain data for trial and paid accounts for a minimum of 90 days, but possibly longer to allow customers to pick right up where they left off if they decide to come back. For more specifics on our data retention policy, check out our privacy policy and terms of use.

If you'd like to request permanent deletion of your account and data, contact our support team for help!

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