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Find quick answers to Task questions.

Q: Can I create a recurring task?

Yes! Tasks can be set to repeat on six different intervals, depending on what your team needs. During Task creation, simply change the Repeat interval from Don't Repeat to the interval required.

Q: Can I clone a task?

Yes! Tasks can be cloned from one campaign to another, or from one campaign to all campaigns. Follow the initial steps here to create a Task, then select clone an existing metric as the source instead.

Q: Can I create task templates?

Task templates aren't supported at this time. If you'd like to see this added in the future, please add your vote on our feedback forum here.

Q: Can I assign a task to a client?

Yes, you can assign a task to a client! Simply select the client name from the assignee dropdown instead of a staff member and the task will appear in the clients Task section.

To learn more about Tasks, check out our Help Center guides here.

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