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Managing Account Level Tasks
Managing Account Level Tasks

Create, edit, or complete tasks from any campaign, or create tasks at the account level, not connected to a campaign.

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The account level tasks page allows you to manage tasks from across all your active campaigns at once.

To access this page click Tasks in the navigation bar at the top of your account Home page.

The tasks page will only be available to users that have Tasks enabled within their permissions. If you can't see the Tasks page at all your permissions may need updating.

Account level tasks are not connected to a specific campaign, and can be identified by checking the campaign column in the tasks table. Tasks at the account level will not have a campaign listed here.

Filter account level tasks

Account level tasks can be filtered by assignee, category, and status like campaign tasks can, with the helpful addition of filtering by campaign.

Click the filter menu in the upper right, then click the Campaign dropdown. To show account level tasks ensure only Unassigned is selected.

Create an account level task

Account level tasks can only be created from the account tasks page. When creating a task here, you'll have the option of choosing a campaign for the task or leave it unassigned for it to stay at the account level. Find detailed task creation steps here.

All tasks you have access to can also be edited from the account level tasks page by following these steps.

Delete Tasks at the account level

All tasks that you have permission to view can be deleted from the account level Tasks page. Deleting a campaign task at the account level will remove it from the account level task table, and from the campaign itself. Tasks can't be recovered after deletion, you would need to recreate the task instead.

To delete a task, click the ... to the far right of the task, then click Delete from the dropdown menu.

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