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Manage all account integrations in one place
Manage all account integrations in one place

On the main Campaigns screen, go to Integrations on the left side menu to easily manage all of your account's integrations in one place.

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The global integrations area gives you an overview of all the integrations and features you've enabled in your client campaigns. Easily check the status of all your clients' integrations, so that you can quickly resolve any disconnection issues or errors, such as password changes or expired tokens.

Where to find the global integrations area

From the main campaign screen, click on "Integrations" in the left side menu.

You'll be greeted by a table that shows all of the integrations connected to your campaigns.

The table has the following columns that show helpful information at a glance:

  • Label - Shows the integration's account name, email address, username, or token

  • Identifier - Shows the integration's account ID or sub-account

  • Campaign Installed - How many campaigns are using this integration

  • Status - This shows if the integration is disconnected or not

Clicking on the column headers will sort the integrations by the column of your choice. This is helpful if you want to quickly see which integration is connected to the most campaigns, or see which integrations are disconnected and need your attention.
You can also filter the integrations in the list by clicking on the settings button on the upper right side of the page.

You have the option to filter by Status and Integration.

Integration settings

Clicking on any of the integrations will show all of the campaigns that are using the integration.

Clicking on any of the campaigns in the list will take you to that integration's settings for the campaign. You can disconnect the integration, switch accounts, or reconnect to resolve any issues. This is also where you can see the error message related to this integration if it is disconnected.

Delete an integration

If an integration is not used in any campaigns, a delete button will appear when hovering over the integration.

An integration can only be deleted via the global integrations area if there are no campaigns that use it. This is to prevent accidentally interfering with reports or dashboards that use the integration. To disconnect an integration that is being used in a campaign, go to that campaign's integrations dashboard.

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