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Create a Task

Track important to-dos by creating and assigning tasks at either the Account or Campaign level.

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Tasks are available on some of our plans, check out our pricing page for more info or ask our friendly Support team if it's part of your plan.

How to Create a Task

The steps to create a task are the same both in a campaign and at the account level. To create a campaign level task, click on and open the campaign before continuing with this guide.

In the navigation bar at the top of the page, click Tasks to open the Tasks page.

From the Tasks page, click Create New Task in the upper right hand corner. This will open the Task creation window, where you fill out the task details.

The only mandatory field when creating a Task is the Task name itself. All other fields aren't required and can be added in later.

After naming your task you can add a category to separate and filter your tasks. Create new categories by typing in the Category field, or select an existing category from the same dropdown.

Next, select someone to assign the task to by typing their name in the assignee field, then clicking their name in the dropdown.

If adding a due date whoever is assigned the task will be notified in-app when the task is first assigned to them, as well as 24 hours before it's due.

Click the menu to open the date selector and choose a due date for the task.

Lastly, click create in the bottom left. Your task is now created and can be seen in the task table.

Delete a Task

Created a task by mistake? You can delete the Task outright by clicking the ... to the far right on the Task table, then click Delete in the dropdown. Keep in mind that deleted tasks can't be recovered.

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