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Edit an Existing Task
Edit an Existing Task

Existing tasks can be easily edited from the Tasks page.

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Edit a Task

Tasks can be edited from the account and campaign level. Either open the campaign you'd like to edit a task in, then head to the Task page by locating Tasks in the navigation bar at the top of the campaign or on the Home page.


On the Tasks page, click the ... to the far right in the Tasks table, then click Edit Task in the dropdown.

This will launch a popup where you can edit all aspects of this task. You can change the name, category, add or remove due dates, and change who it's assigned to.

You can also move this task by selecting a different campaign from the dropdown.

Once you've updated everything as needed, click Save in the bottom left to lock in these changes. If you did update the campaign the task will now be found in the new campaign, and will no longer display in it's original campaigns Task list.

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