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Add Tasks as a Report Section
Add Tasks as a Report Section

In progress tasks and completed tasks can be displayed on reports by adding a Tasks section.

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Adding a task list to reports is another way to showcase the important work you do for your clients. Alternatively, you can assign tasks to clients directly, then add a task list for them, to their report.

To get started, open the report editor within a campaign, then look for Add Section button in the bottom of the left sidebar.

This will open the Section selector, here type Tasks into the bar to quickly locate the two available sections: complete or incomplete tasks.

Click Add section in the bottom left to add the selected section to your report.

This will create a page titled Complete or Incomplete Tasks in your report, with a widget showing Tasks separated by their category.

This can be further filtered to show tasks assigned to an individual, or to display tasks from the same category.

Simply click the widget to select it, then in the Edit Widget menu on the right, choose the filter you'd like to apply to this widget.

Once you're finished editing, make sure to Save the report in the upper right hand corner of the page to lock in these changes.

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